The Accounting Firm Beer Distributors Count On 

The beer distribution industry is rapidly changing and you need a trusted financial partner. Led by our industry specialists Gary Cassiello and RJ Martucci, JGS, CPA specializes in the needs of beer distributors and can help your company achieve its business goals.

Consulting Services

Financial Statement Management

• Benchmarking Cost-Per-Case
• Dashboards
• Profit Margin Analysis
• Bank Covenant Management
• Compensation Formulas 

Mergers & Acquisitions / Succession Planning

• Budgeting and Projections
• Forecasting: 5, 10 and 15-year Forecasts
• Financing for an Acquisition
• Due Diligence and Benchmarking on a Target
• Assistance with Deal Structure
• Equity and Phantom Equity Deals
• Integration with Estate Planning
• Valuation Services 


• Fraud Prevention
• Fraud Prevention: Internal Control Review
• Fraud Detection 






"JGS orchestrated a buy-out deal between my father and I that was both brilliant and creative. We couldn’t have done it without them. My father and I had other accountants look at our situation, but they just didn’t have the expertise of the JGS team. When it comes to buy outs, acquisitions and mergers Judelson, Giordano and Siegel is the firm I would recommend to anyone. "

Client since 2006